Monday, January 13, 2014

Authenticity a Word to Bring Wisdom

Resolutions have never interested me. There I admit it. I usually have a few generic ones cued up in my memory just to shush the New Year Eve people. Maybe its my INTJ awesome-sauce; I am always in a state of evaluation about my life, my faith, my personality. I am always rethinking my plan or I am always planning my plan. Tired yet? Because I am.

I read an article which I can not find currently about choosing a word instead for the New Year that embodies what you want to accomplish. Then, I read about it everywhere. For a solid week, every blog, every book I picked up (weird right? I need some math people to figure that statistic out for me) had this concept present for my eyes to see.

After an emotional holiday, I had some discernment to do. Naturally, it coincided with the gem of choosing a word. So there I was on Epiphany Sunday sitting in my pew without chickadees or the husband (we fought a noble war against illness for a month, I think we are winning finally), and the word came: Authenticity.

I have ignored the call from the Holy Spirit, and placed a false idea into my head about who I am, what I am called to do, and what my priorities are. I am an extreme introvert; however, I was pushing myself to attend events more than four times a week on occasion that were not necessary and were not fulfilling at all. So, I need to summon my courage and start making decisions that are sincere and truly beneficial.

Once my word was found, I made myself some mini-goals that express my authentic self and family culture. Then I found lovely stock images placing them into Picmonkey to create a collage.



Faith Goals:

1. Say  Lauds and Vespers each day.

2. Read Bible for 15 minutes each day.

3. Say one Rosary per day. One decade with the chickadees and one decade with Jeff before retiring for the night.

Family Goals:

1. One family fun day/weekend a month.

2. Increase Read Aloud time.

3. Screen-free except for inside the designated times, which are early morning (after beds are made), 1-3 pm, and 6:30 to 7pm.

Personal Goals:

1. Limit FB to 30 minutes a day.

2. Get up around 5:30/6:00 and go to bed around 10 pm.

3. Research, investigate, and establish a rule of life.

Domestic Goals:

1. Follow Budget.

2. Pay off Debt without accruing more debt.

3. Focus on the liturgical year with one major celebration a month as well as honoring Feast days of Saints, and sacramental milestones!

I will re-evaluate in June. Today was the first day that I put into effect any of these goals. I also printed out the collage with the goal list and taped it up around the house to keep my mind in order.

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