Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Vacays

St. Mary's Cathedral, Ogdensburg, NY
We don't get to go on many vacations or road trips. Most of the time, its my husband's job schedule or rather his deployment schedule. I really do not like traveling alone with the kids; it feels unsafe and all the more time consuming. (By the way, I am a complete anxiety laced person about trips and leaving routine) Another huge contributing factor is income. We have student loans, one income, and a high cost of living thanks to the great state of NY.

St. Anne's Shrine, Scranton, PA
However, when we do manage a road trip, we make visiting shrines, cathedrals, Catholic churches, and monasteries our first priority. At first, this concept was really a selfish one. I enjoy visiting places associated with my interests like authors' homes and Catholic saint reliquaries. Over time, it has become an exciting expectation. My husband and chickadees now take the steps to uncover places we have not seen or churches that have some great architecture. A great place to start your research is here.

Shrine of Brother Andre in North Bangor, NY
After about four years, I see these memories as part of our family culture. Kendra at Catholic All Year has a great post about the family culture. All of my favorites blogs like Catholic All Year, Amongst Lovely Things, Pondered in my Heart, Shower of Roses, The Land of Lockhart, Better than Eden, and so many more display a strong family culture that is unique. Culture and tradition to me are significant within Catholicism, and therefore, are incredibly important to build in our own domestic churches.

Shrine of St. Marianne Cope, Syracuse, NY (left) and Blessed Sacrament Church in Stowe, VT (right)

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  1. Thanks for that resource! I have been wanting to take our kids to thing like shrines and cathedrals. I didn't really know where to start looking. (you would think I would have started with Google, but I don't always think.) Awesome post. Love this pictures!