Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just a Day like Anyother:: Daybook for February's End

Outside my window:: Freezing temperatures have hit again. There is this feeling of breathing in ice when my face hits the air. Thankfully, the dogs are much quicker with their potty breaks.

Giving thanks:: for this period of preparation before Lent. Otherwise, I do not think my mind nor my heart would have been set in fast mode.

I am thinking about...

this quote from the THE QUOTABLE MONKROCK
In the Schoolroom:: We ended our trimester a month early, because we needed the break. I also needed to find a better organizational system that was longer than a week. I just don't have the time to set aside each Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to gather the paper or craft supplies. I can, however, set aside a lump of time on one Saturday a month to get my whole month prepped and organized. I also am using a binder with five folders for each week of the month with a weekly lesson plan, so I am more likely to stay focused and not stress about how long it is taking or how much we have missed.

From the kitchen...

We are gearing up for the Lenten season. My cookbooks are out, and my meal plan is being formulated. The one thing I do enjoy about living in frigid NY is that soup is still acceptable up till July.

I am creating:: I finished the quilt top, and will be picking up some fabric for the back soon.

I am working on:: priorities. Lent always has a way of bringing me back to checking my schedule and planning more time for building the relationships in my life. I am also working on some deep cleaning of the bedrooms. We have to go through some mountains of clothes (most of which are seriously stained).

I am praying:: for the situation in the Ukraine, and for the souls of several recently departed.

I am struggling..

With a sense of bitterness about winter! I just feel like it will never end. Also, our budget is getting off track again. I am hoping that the Lenten mindset will assist us in reigning in our desires versus our needs. 

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