Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just Tuesday...

Lately, our life has seemed overly chaotic for no real reason. Bedtimes are a fight; dinner is no longer wanted. School work is fussed about for longer than it takes to complete. My first reaction to all of it is to fight against the current to tighten the straps. To threaten or even just throw stuff away. . .

But, its just not working. I'm burning myself out with all of it. I thought we hit burn out in January; however, this past weekend I think we flew into burn out mode. This is our second winter here in North Country, NY, and we are still not used to months and months of indoor time. Normally, we lived outside for most of the year in Tennessee with the cold coming for maybe four possibly five months. Now, we are lucky to hit three to four months outside. Its wearing on everyone even the dogs.

This idea of surrendering to the chaos popped into my mind today. I might have to relax our goals for school and housekeeping. We might not get as much accomplished but closing out the trimester a little early may be helpful. Space and solitude may be what is needed.

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