Friday, February 28, 2014

Lenten Plans in Seven Quick Takes


We are adding the Stations of the Cross to our daily routine. My goal is that everyday at three during our snack and crafting time (I am hoping this makes me get back to that routine) I will play this lovely CD that I won from Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things!

Screens are off expect during the Bubba's nap time. I will use the computer for blogging and correspondence but that's it really. I personally limit my secular exposures during Lent because I will let myself fall off the ole wagon. Its pathetic but extremes are super helpful for me when I begin a quest. I even keep my music to hymns and sermons. I will most likely not be keeping up with Facebook either.


We complete a service project as a family. This year we are making fleece tie blankets for nursing home residents. On Good Friday, we will deliver them and visit with the residents. Oh, please pray for our local nursing home. It is being shut down by the state leaving few options for the seniors in our area.


The chickadees will be cleaning out their toy room to either donate toys or to place in a tuff box that will be cycled in and out through the year. They are very good about playing with just about everything but the choices are way too overwhelming. This way we can manage the toys and still keep toys fresh.


We change our diet quite drastically during Lent. No meat except fish on Sundays, no sugary treats or cakes ( I do allow fruit and yogurt but no candy bars or tea cakes), and no buying of unnecessary items. We also cut down on the variety of our meals and the complexity. We stop buying non-essentials, and focus our energies  to building up our family relationships. We do keep the feast days of St. Joseph and St. Patrick as well as every Sunday being a mini Easter.


I love to track our days through Lent, so we often print out a Lenten calendar from somewhere or I make up one. Each day after morning prayers, we color in a slot and read from a Catechism or the Bible. This year we are reading one of the Sunday Mass readings or from "My Catholic Faith".


I am personally struggling with my sloth in prayer and household management, so this Lent I will be getting up before the children to say my Rosary and the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows. I will also be using my free time to read Catholic non-fiction and the Bible. I will also be journaling occasionally or keeping up on the blog about the progress or any other musings. My husband is giving up yelling for Lent, and I told him that it was a smashing idea.
So, there it is dear readers. Some lofty plans. Please, please pray for me. I will be offering intentions for you dear readers as well, so leave me a comment or email me at betweenthelinen (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Your plans sound wonderful and not unlike our own. I do have a printable calendar on my blog for the children if you are interested. Thank you for the book recommendation -the My Catholic Faith looks excellent and is one we don't have. Blessings to you and yours for a fruitful and holy Lent!

    1. Thank you. I will head over to print it off! Blessings to y'all as well!

  2. Did the CD arrive okay? I got it out a couple of days later than I meant to...

    1. It did! Thank you so much; I forgot to send an email out.