Monday, February 10, 2014

Living with the Saints :: Weekends with Chesterton


Since having children, my housekeeping skills have exponentially decayed in both care and in priority. We moved into this large five bedroom house last November, and you know what? It has to be cleaned. I had this great tidy routine at our smaller house on Fort Lee that allowed for all of the major chores to be done in one hour. ONE HOUR! I still don't believe it happened. Pretty sure I dreamed that up.

When we moved into this house, it had not be lived in for six months nor had anyone cleaned it. Its hard enough to create a cleaning schedule for a new house with a new baby and two toddlers and a deploying husband but to start with a mess already was very disheartening. In fact, I cried for a good 30 minutes (it also may have been brought on by leaving the South for the North  or just pregnancy just sayin').

God kept whispering the idea of selecting a patron saint for each room of the house into my heart through books, friends, and several awesome audio sermons. So, I did one day using this saint generator from Jennifer Fulwiler and a list of rooms. Then, I found this prayer in my Missal (if you know the author let me know, since I just had it printed on a sheet of paper):

O my protector, (insert Saint), as the eternal God has deposited in you an inexhaustible treasurer of grace and of supernatural virtues, hear my earnest petition, and help me with your intercession, more powerful now even than when you were on earth. Hence with blind confidence do I cast myself at your feet, there to place my requests for all those in whom I am concerned but more particularly for assistance with cleaning and maintaining this room. O glorious saint, let not my confidence in you be deceived. Present for me, to the Divine Majesty, your suppliant prayers and watch over my soul. Should sorrow and trials increase, so also will my rejoicing increase, and may my patience grow with each day, that I may thus save my soul. Amen.
Combining the above prayer with a picture of the chosen Saint on a word document, I made a poster for each room. I printed them out, and laminated them before placing them in the respective rooms. Now when I need some GRACE to start or finish my work with God on my heart, I have a prayer awaiting me.

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