Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A February afternoon in Thoughts

Outside my window:: It is still snow covered and chilly. Unfortunately, I think more snow is called for over this week. We have branches down in the side yard and the back yard from the ice storm in December. Hopefully, we will get around to cutting those down to manageable sizes.

Giving thanks:: Our car broke down on Friday last week complete with smoke and sparks y'all. Nothing like being humbled by some amazing friends to see how God provides every small grace in lives. Luckily, the repairs were under 400 buckaroos, so we got the car back yesterday with no rental car fees! Yippee!

I am thinking about...

Our next school year. Leo will be turning six, so I do not want to push him ahead to grade 2 even though he could handle the work now that reading has taken off (thank you PAL!). I think I am going to build on this year and emerge ourselves more into creating habits of reading, memory work, liturgical living, and fine arts. It will also allow me to focus on getting Mascot ready for Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) Kindergarten with some substitutions ( I really hate 100 easy lessons and her math choices. My kids love numbers, so I just go with a full curriculum from Saxon.). Also, another baby!!

In the Schoolroom:: We are working on a who/which clause book based on the human body for writing, and completing lesson 37 of PAL reading work for Leo. Math is going really well right now especially supplemented with workbooks that bring in critical thinking specifically. Bella is loving her LeapFrog workbook. It has the stickers and very easy to follow instructions.

From the kitchen...

We are eating tacos tonight which is the chickadees favorite meal as of late. Who knew that quinoa, beef, and beans would appeal to everyone so much? I am also looking forward to making a kale, chicken, and pasta casserole later this week.

I am creating:: a quilt for a very special little boy that has submarines, mustaches, robots, and critters all tiled together.

I am working on::creating some new schedule posters since the Eva loves to rip any and all paper off of the walls. I am also working on some ideas for future activities and events. I need to work on sprucing up my book shelves. Oh, and the giant piles of laundry...

I am reading...

The Yard by Alex Grecian
Desiring the Kingdom by James Smith

I am praying:: for several close friends and their families.

I am struggling...

with fatigue. I am just so tired by mid morning and late afternoon that a rest period is going to have to be prioritized.

A picture thought::

The oldest chickadee, Leo, doing his school work outside last spring. oh, how miss that green grass!

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