Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebrating the Bella Boo turning Four

Birthdays around here are pretty quiet, and they are often accompanied by a "boughten cake" as Leo says. At first, it made me sad that Leo would ask for a store made cake, since I do love to bake. However, I now get into the spirit of taking each child to Walmart or Kroger and having them pick a theme cake. This is the first year that Bella wanted a "boughten cake" instead of cupcakes.

Leo loves to plan birthdays months and occasionally a year ahead, so he had naturally been discussing this very important topic with her back in January. Finally, she settled on a Hello Kitty cake and party theme. I have to say the easiest so far to find decorations and cake themes.

On Sunday, she picked her restaurant, "the peanut place" (Texas Roadhouse) because as she says, "peanuts are good, and I want them to clap for me WHILE I eat my cake." Needless to say the last part didn't happen, but she still enjoyed her outing after Holy Mass.
Bella is completely herself in every circumstance; I immensely enjoy watching her be Bella. She is feisty, direct, and keeps very much to her inner world. She juxtaposes her love of violence with the sweet princess loving side. She has no issue in standing up for herself when she deems it necessary; she takes the world by the reigns and drags it down to her level. I appreciate that. I relish it quite frankly. She acts in a controlled decisive manner that only a Choleric could.

Some famous recent quotes:

When we were watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman at the movie theater, she says in response to the bullying part, "I'd stab her." She didn't look at me just sat there eating her popcorn.
"Bella, that's a jail-able offence. Wanna go prison for stabbing some brat?'
"I could handle prison."
(Does anyone else see the scene from Watchmen when Rorschach yells, "None of you seem to understand, I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!")

"If you don't give me the map, I will tell ALL of your secrets." Told to her imaginary employees over the plastic Diego cell phone.

"Jesus, whose that guy?"
"Bella, you know the guy that died for sins that is on the huge cross at Church? That's Jesus."
"OH yeah, the bleeding guy. We should get him a Band-Aid."

"Kill all the heretics." Her shining moment when during the game of Risk, she conquered Australia by cheating.

Let's not forget the time she screamed, "I will eat your face off," as she proceeded to play Candy Land.

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  1. Very Happy Birthday Bella ! The girls loved the motif.