Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Catch-up

Last week, I managed a blog post a day! Whoo-hoo. I seem to have fallen off the wagon this week. That's what's so great about Lent though: the cementing of new habits or the trial of new habits.

Monday, we started our school lesson back up with some great success. The break was a nice refresher before Lenten challenges were upon our family. Tuesday, we had a get together with a close family friend and her three lovely energetic boys. There were pancakes, king cakes, masks, and well mayhem to boot. Next year, I would like to make a gigantic effort to get the house ready starting on Clean Monday (since we in the Latin Rite do not start our fast until Wednesday, it will make a nice segue into Lenten disciplines).
Ash Wednesday started off our penitential season nicely. The chickadees accepted the schedule with grace this year. Questions about the television and snacks were far and few between; I was super impressed. It is amazing how the energy of the season can pick you up out of the mid-winter blahs. Deciding to get our ashes last night in lieu of the morning was a comforting reminder that we never walk alone on this path of sacrifice and penance.

These last two days, I have found it quite easy to fit in my Chaplet of the Seven Dolors of Mary and my Rosary. I was perusing through my book shelves and found quite a bit of literature on the Seven Sorrows as well as variations of the Chaplet. It might be interesting to pray the variations throughout Lent. The one thing I enjoy the most about our Lenten schedule is that more time seems to open up even as we add to our days. This Saturday will be cleaning the toy room and re-organizing some bedrooms, so that Destructo can have his own bedroom now. I guess five is a great time to get a man cave. He already has some grand plans!

*In the first picture is my Chaplet of the Seven Dolors of Mary made by The Sisters of Carmel. They do such lovely work!*

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