Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some Clicks of Interest

I hope y'all are faring well this Sunday; we have unfortunately been caught up by exhaustion.(*the cultures came back clean! so no new bug. thank you, Jesus*) We missed Holy Mass today due to the baby throwing up and the chickadees sleeping in till 11 am which never happens around here. So, today I was able to click around while nursing (non-stop) a rather pathetic Eva.

Here are some great giveaways:

1. Jessica at Shower of Roses is giving away a rather sweet hand-painted Bl. Zelie Martin doll from St. Luke's Brush.

2. Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things is giving a spot in the Restore Retreat. I am so excited for this on-line retreat!

Here are some small businesses at which to pick up some Easter Basket items:

1. Huggie Saint Dolls: I just ordered three to fill the chickadees baskets. She was kind enough to do two customs orders for us (St. Felix of Nola and St. Julia of Corsica) as well as a St. Rose of Lima.

2. Juniper Plum: On their Etsy site, they have the most beautiful icon prints as well as religious based lacing cards.

3. Jesse Tree Treasures: I love the Parable Pouch to put into an Easter basket!

Here are some wonderful resources for Lent:

1. Audio Sancto and Romans10seventeen have great sermons to listen to on your computer or tablet. I love to fold laundry or sew while listening.

2. Laudamus Te is a small company that publishes a devotional for the Latin Mass. They now have the Triduum Missal available.

3. Feeling overwhelmed? Jen at Conversion Diary just had this great post, "The secret to not being overwhelmed" which is wonderful to read. I find it comforting that Jen can bring in the stress of being a wife and mother but does not allow it to get so gloomy that no recovery can ever happen. I also really enjoyed her post, "The courage to rest". Isn't that what Lent really pushes us to embody, complete rest in Christ's arms. We are called to lay down our earthly habits in order to bask in his light and then carry that light to others, so they too can rest.

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