Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some Hits, Some Misses :: Seven Quick Takes

1. (Hit) 

About two weeks ago, I entered a contest at Domestically Speaking for a set of dishes from  Pfaltzgraff, and I won. They arrived Wednesday amidst some toilet leaking, so I only got as far as washing them and eating some strudel cake off of the one salad plate. However, I am impressed with their quality. The stoneware and solid edges make them less likely to chip than my porcelain plates.

2. (Miss)

TV time went sky high this week thanks to my poor planning and exhaustion. Back of track next week though because...

3. (Hit)
We are going away for the weekend, people! YAY! Every now and then the military will have spouse or family retreats. We were finally after 7 years able to go on one. Hallelujah! Best part its at an indoor water park. The chickadees will be able to have some serious fun running and splashing after this loooonnng winter.
4.  (Miss)
 Car repairs this month have totaled to be around $1300 buckaroos which was not planned but thankfully our new budget has given at least that wiggle room. We only have one car right now; we have looked into getting another one but prices are a little steep even in the used section. I would love to ride out our time here in NY with one car since the weather and road conditions are really hard on a vehicle and not to mention the state taxes are cray-cray. Mental. Tennessee spoiled us so!

5. (Hit)  

Sarah's series, First Steps Toward Teaching from a State of Rest been giving me so much to consider about my motivations, my goals, and where they are fall in light of Christ's asking of me. I have come to the conclusion that as a legalist I am more likely to fall into checking the box mode faster than I am going to fall into the slovenly mode. I am thinking about cycling between a very book led curriculum that would be more rigorous and between a year that would be more immersion led. For example, this year Leo started  learning to read, write/copy/transcribe, story sequencing, and a mix of Math (I should have used Saxon 1 this year but I went with K. He's a math guy, so we are working on some addition, subtraction, multiplication alongside of K.). We have also been slowly starting All About Spelling. PAL has definitely helped him process reading and letters, but the focus has been on just getting these skills down. Next year, our plan is to simplify and practice all these wonderful skills we have been starting to master this year. I promise to expand on that later!

6. (Miss)

 Stations of the Cross, Adoration, and Holy Mass have been missing from my Friday nights. For some reason, I just can not make it. The plan was for Jeff and me to trade off each Friday of Lent; however, he only has gotten one week, and I have yet to get in one due to his work schedule or car repairs or me being ill.

7. (Hit)

My wonderful best friend who made the wreath for me also did this for Eva, her God-daughter:

Inside the card it read:
 We gratefully acknowledge a contribution in honor of :
Eva W.
given by
Awesome God Parents
You are remembered daily in the prayers of the Sisters.
Aren't they the best? I was in tears of appreciation that they would give such a wonderful gift to Eva.
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  1. Found you via jealous of those dishes! That is my wedding pattern and so far I have four coffee cups (PERFECTION) and the sugar bowl and creamer. My husband knows that those dishes are officially the perfect gift til I complete my set. :) So glad you like them!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. my little corner of the internet. I found some great deals on eBay for this pattern when I was searching google for the pattern name. There were sets for 25. It's a great pattern choice!

  2. Those of us with no lives are dying for posts! Did we begin a mid lenten blog fast?? :(