Monday, May 26, 2014

A Quick Pop In...

This space has been quiet lending me some much needed time to re-evaluate where my path is headed; I have needed to focus on reviving our routine and re-doing our chore charts. Our school year officially ends on June 25 this year leaving in a month to road trip to Maine visiting with some great family friends and hopefully, a visit from the Nanas.

In regards to this blog, I will be making some changes in the fall. I have so many ideas of inspiring, reaching, and encouraging other Catholic mothers; however, my thoughts seem to jumble together currently. I realize that more consistency is needed in order for me to improve on my ideas and skills. I have been praying for some clarity and giving over my ideas to God, and I know that in the right time my ideas will be better represented to me once He reveals the true direction.

Around the house, we have been purging, organizing, and crossing off small projects. The warmth of Spring has arrived leaving afternoons spent under blue skies with grass between our toes. The bird feeder has provided many amusing learning moments. Leo has really enjoyed feeding and observing the different birds. We mainly have swallows, pigeons, cardinals, and the occasional blue jay. Last year, we had a wood pecker but have yet to hear him this spring.

Have you read Sarah's newest labor of love? I read it over this long weekend. Arriving just in time for my planning season, Teaching from a State of Rest has challenged me to make choices based on cultivating the entire person not just filling a blank slate. I have had a minor epiphany about my parenting style as well as my homeschooling style which I hope to expand more on once I flesh out the details. I highly recommend getting the companion journal and audio files. The interview with Cindy Rollins was a nice confirmation of what I already knew but was to afraid to admit to myself.

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