Friday, July 18, 2014

Books for the Wicker

Over the past three summers, I have found some really interesting reads. Some I have kept for the fall and others were devoured as soon as they hit the doorstep. My recent find was Euphoria by Lily King. Amazon sent me an email that featured this novel by King. I found a copy in a quaint book shop in Bar Harbor while we were on our proper holiday.

It is a short read of only 256 pages centered around three cultural anthropologists in the 1930's. The author was heavily inspired by my favorite, Margaret Mead, and her associates like Franz Boaz and Ruth Benedict. This book brought me back to why I chose anthropology and the rush of discovering a new way to live. The ending is sad and tragic but I feel like the author was really telling the reader about consequences, life, and the choices we make. Morality is something that did lack in the book with an affair and other ethical breeches; however consequences abounded. I could almost feel the humidity of Papua New Guinea. I could almost feel the pain of the man left alone at the end to face his own mortality and past decisions.
The Book of Life is a pure frivolous read about magic, adventure, and lots of swashbuckling. There is some fun genealogy thrown in as well as historical facts. I have not dived into the book as it is the last in the series, and I always hate the ending of a fun adventure. A Discovery of Witches is the first book in the series starting out slow but really developing the characters for a long detail rich story line. The characters are stock enough to be relatable  but quirky enough to feel original. Plus, the sex is inside a marriage (in the second book, Shadow of Night) thanks to some clever plotting, and integrity is something that tends to be upheld as well as family loyalty. Like I mentioned, it's a fun read with no addition to your moral compass but the writing is properly adult which is nice since juvenile/pre-adult style is not really my fancy.

Other authors I have enjoyed for summer fun reading are:

Arturo Perez-Reverte ( The Club Dumas, The Seville Communion)

Jon Steele (The Watchers and Angel City)

C. J. Sansom (Matthew Shardlake novels)

Danielle Trussoni (Angelology and Angelopolis)

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