Friday, July 11, 2014

Faith Folders, Rings and Games... OH MY!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I received an email from Lindy Meyer, the owner of Holy Learning (which used to be Faith Folders for Catholics). She was offering a product to try free of charge for an honest review of the product chosen; now, I had purchased several faith folders from Holy Learning over the years, so I was excited to branch out. I decided to try the Baltimore Catechism Ring (#1) with Leo for some religious prep.

Once Ms. Meyer sent me the file, I downloaded it, hit print, and started cutting/hole punching/laminating. It took me about an two hours to start to finish. I unfortunately did not print on card stock as I had run out. Silly me started this project at 11 o'clock at night. I also cut too close (probably out of sleep deprivation!) to the edges so I had to re-laminate some cards. Once completed, I ordered the cards and collected them onto the largest binder ring I had in my drawer (3 inches).

What I really liked about the cards was how Leo responded to the use of the cards. He was more inclined to see learning the questions as a game which in turn made it fun and easy to practice the information. It also kept the time learning shorter, so we could practice more times a day without burn out. Leo is still working on reading fluency, so he is not able to completely work alone yet; however, he still was intrigued enough to be found on the floor perusing through the cards for the pictures. I am confident that as he progresses in his reading, he will be able to independently use the cards for his own benefit and to aide his siblings in learning these valuable questions and answers.

Overall, there really is not a negative aspect to this product to me. The price is listed as 18.00 dollars, and honestly, I do not think that is unfair. When I think of the time it took to make the template, type, and format the information not to mention that once purchased you then can make multiple copies for home use (like one for each child), it is a completely fair price to pay.

Holy Learning is now offering faith games  in addition to their faith folders (which I love to make with my chickadees), faith rings, faith cards, and they also have an Adoration Guidebook (a great idea!). And Ms. Meyer is providing my readers (get excited you two!) with a coupon code for 15% off any order:
I also receive some store credit when you purchase from Holy Learning using the above coupon code. I would be grateful if you did, I am eyeing those faith games! Please leave a comment with your favorite product from Holy Learning! I would love to hear about it. 

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